Friday, February 15, 2008

Comment on "School is Out"

It's Friday -- wow look at the color and font I have on this blog how did that happen?. Maybe it looks this way because it's Friday! I like it! This makes my serious response to this reading seem all the more absurd. Well, I think we do need some structure to the process of teaching art on the college level because if there is no structure then there's just no order. Order is good, without order chaos can ensue and if that happens all hell could break loose. Frankly I want teachers to feel responsible for teaching me art because then I can wine and complain and blame them for my uncreative malaise.


Liz said...

Ummm...Patty...I think we may need to do an intervention with the color. Ya, it's a pretty color but it makes my eyes wiggle reading it.

Matt said...


But what do you make of the idea that the best/most significant learning occurs outside the classroom--in the back room at Kaldi's, etc.?

Clearly, structure is necessary, and this is particularly true when students differ greatly in terms of work habits, focus and discipline. But how can we make the experience of being artists all it can be with so many limitations, restrictions, guidelines and rules. Or put another way, how do we define teaching and learning with regard to a subject (Art!) which itself thrives on its openness and essential indefinability?